Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Role(s) Responsible for Enforcement: Senior Educational Administrator

Jura Institute collects student’s personal information for the following reasons:

  • To maintain student records as required by PTIB.
  • To maintain student records as required by SABC.
  • To maintain and report on student records as required by IRCC.
  • To keep students/graduates informed of activities of the school.
  • To issue T2202 in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency.
  • To collect employment and program satisfaction information from graduates.
  • To provide employment opportunity information to graduates.
  • To keep Student Loan funded graduates up to date on Student Loan

Policies for repayment.

Student’s personal information is not used for any other purpose, unless written
permission is expressly given by the student.
Jura Institute retains the full student file for a period of eight (8) years following the
student’s withdrawal, dismissal or graduation date. After 8 years, the full student
record is destroyed using a secure destruction method. Jura Institute uploads and
archives a copy of the student’s enrolment contract(s), transcripts, credential (if any)
to an approved third-party.

Releasing Information:

If the student wishes to authorize a third-party access to their records, they must
provide the institution authorization in writing. The College will not release information
to any person not previously authorized by the student unless required to do so by
legislation, a subpoena, court order or if release of information is necessary as part of
an ongoing police investigation. A fee of $100 will apply for the reproduction of a file.