Cybersecurity Diploma

Cybersecurity Diploma

Cybersecurity Diploma

The Cybersecurity Diploma Program at Jura Institute of Technology (JIT) is designed to encompass the heart of the origins of security if you are concerned about cybersecurity. Incorporating new-age technology into the course ensures students are prepared for cyber attacks based on their skills and knowledge. As the course focuses on preparing students for the on-demand position of cybersecurity professional, it prepares them for these positions. Since the course covers all the key technologies, it will prepare you for various career opportunities.

At Jura Institute of Technology, you will discover modules to prepare you for cyber challenges as more and more businesses are going online. Cyber security professionals are in a great deal of demand as more and more businesses go online. This program will help you develop a unique professional identity by introducing you to critical issues like distributed ledgers and big data technologies alongside ethical frameworks.

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Program Overview
  • Network Management: Learn VPN communications, operating systems, and information management, focusing on improving skills in assessing and handling digital traffic.
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals: Gain insight into real-world cybersecurity challenges, understanding both attacker and defender perspectives.
  • Secure Software Development: Introduce concepts for developing software securely, addressing data confidentiality, integrity, and availability, including common security issues and testing methods.
  • Cyberspace and Data Privacy: Explore issues like data privacy, security breaches, and hardware protection, discussing tools and technologies for data maintenance.
  • Ethical Hacking: Understand pen testing tools for data retrieval and cybercrime investigation.
  • Situational Awareness and Crisis Management: Learn communication strategies and prevention techniques in cyber attacks, including group activities.
1140 Hours | 58 Weeks Application Fee Tuition Fee Books & Other Materials (approx.)
  $250 $18,000 $950
1140 Hours | 58 Weeks
Application Fee $250
Tuition Fee $18,000
Books & Other Materials (approx.) $950

High school diploma (or equivalent) or mature student status;

  • Grade 10 Math;
  • English language proficiency requirements:
    • Domestic students: Grade 10 English;
    • International students: International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 5.0 or higher, TOEFL (paper): 550 or TOEFL (CBT): 210 or TOEFL (IBT): 45 or higher, earned grade 12 graduation diploma in a system where English was the official language of instruction, Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL) Score of 35 or higher, Canadian Language Benchmarks( CLB) Level 5 or higher.
  • Mature student status (19 years of age or older and one year out of school).

* No waivers will be allowed by students or institutions under any circumstances.


Successful graduates of the Cybersecurity diploma will be able to:

  • Utilise network assessment technologies to evaluate an organisation’s security  posture.
  • Implement access management controls and account management procedures
  • Identify, compare, and contrast various assault types and their associated impacts.
  • Automate system administration duties using a programming language
  • Utilise theoretical theories and technical expertise to protect web apps.

Online Synchronous: Meaning students attend classes virtually in ‘real time’ with instructors and classmates.


Cyber Security professionals are in high demand worldwide, so this program will enable you to meet the demands of organisations. Cybersecurity is a profitable, growing field that protects organisations against digital attacks, threats, and data breaches. The field offers many job opportunities and sets high standards in every area.

Job opportunities include

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Information Security Administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Developer of security applications
  • Cybersecurity administrator
  • Cybersecurity advisor
  • Security consultant
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Network security specialist

Organisations that employ cyber security professionals include governments, corporate and business management, credit arbitrating and related functions, and administrative, scientific, and technical services.

Course Codes Course Name Weeks Hours
ITS 100 Information Technology (IT) Fundamentals 4 80
SEC 100 Cybersecurity Fundamentals 3 80
ITS 102 Networking Fundamentals 4 80
SEC 102 Linux Fundamentals for Cybersecurity 4 80
SEC 103 Cybersecurity Operations 4 80
SEC 104 Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing 3 80
SEC 105 Secure Software Development Concepts 3 60
SEC 106 Cybersecurity Program Development and Governance 4 80
BUS 100 Business Communication 4 80
BUS 101 Microsoft Office 3 60
SEC 200 Security Analyst – CySA+ 4 80
SEC 201 Scripting and Programming 4 80
SEC 202 Mobile Device Security 4 80
BUS 112 Career Strategies 4 60
SEC 301 Capstone Project 6 100
TOTAL 58 1160

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